Wednesday, August 28, 2013


What is there left to say about Chris Duerr's "Grid Iron Playbook?"

Every year is better than the next.  The detail is exquisite.  Followed only by the first round of the NCAA Basketball tourney and U.S. Open Sunday, "Playbook Day" is a sports day to which I always look forward.

A sports guy who actually writes in English as a first language!  Imagine!  Where does the man go for writer's block therapy?

I guess, this year, I have two quibbles.  Coulda used the term "motor" a little less.  I've always been taught that, like "Playbook," "Gridiron" is one word........but, Hell, who's counting.

Well played, sir.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


One can only imagine how Jack Feels today.  To go from Super Bowl Ring to "Bring Your Playbook." is undeniably cruel.

There is, however, reason to believe his future is bright.

Even though I know him only slightly, I don't think anyone would argue with me that his work ethic is outstanding.  He has that thing you can't coach, size with strength.  He will never be a distraction in a locker room because he's a good citizen who actually took advantage of the opportunity to educate himself.  That means he'll never be a Special Ed. project when it comes to learning the playbook.

Moreover, macroeconomics is his friend.  There is a supply scarcity of large people who can potentially protect a passer.  Additionally, interior linemen tend to receive injuries that end seasons.  Mere broken digits and dislocations don't sideline them so, when they go down, they are gone for a long time.  As the season progresses, linemen will be injured.  Others will be judged wanting and General Managers are going to look for good people with potential and good character.  Jack Cornell would appear to be a poster boy for both.

The issue for NFL line play is fast feet for pass-blocking.  If I were Jack right now, I'd be playing the training version of hopscotch and spending as much time as fatigue would allow on a jump rope.  Just as I'm not prepared to believe Jack Cornell cannot be developed into a big tine pass blocker, there's gotta be a GM out there who buys into that theory.

My money says it's not nearly over for this interesting young man.  I will be applauding the journey.