Friday, September 18, 2015


September is the sports opposite of February.  February is the wasteland, the dregs, the Bataan Death March of Sports.

September is the opposite of February.  The Tennis Open Happens, the FedEx Playoffs are rocking. College Football in all its colorful complexity, at all levels is unfolding.  At the highest level, it surely mimics the Hunger Games.  The Penant Races are coming down and the "Cup Teams" are decided (depending on the year).  It's impossible for us to do it all justice in four hours a week.

I am not on the air tonight and I do not know the plan but We have the pageant that is is QU's inaugural home game at Weis field.  We have an event that is redefining Sport in Germany, the Solheim Cup.  50 years ago in Germany, one never had to wait for a tee time.  25 years ago, the only people attending Euro PGA events in Germany were Swedes and Italians.  Now the country is crazy for golf and it is fascinating to see how they "act it out"

Devils have a big one tonight.

And, Oh yeah, there is a big NL Central Hoe Down in Chicago.  For those of you scoring at home, the NL Central is also known as the "SEC OF MLB."

Somehow, I don't think the guys are going to have any trouble finding something to talk about tonight.

Short show.  Five O'Clock AM 930, headache streaming or Podcast later.  Roll your own.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Soon, Comments surrounding the radio show will be on the Show's blog but we are having technical difficulty morphing into that.

Couple of things on that score.

We are having trouble with our texting feature.  This is not a WTAD problem.  It's an outside vendor problem.  What is it the cable and satellite companies always say?  "We are working diligently to solve the probem."  All of your Ticket hosts are anxious to get this feature fully functional because we want to talk about what you want to hear about.  Bear with us.

Tonight, Jeff is doing what can only be described as a "Special".  As QU christens the new stadium, Jeff will celebrate the football program and the special weekend that is about to begin.  His guests will knock your socks off.

Since I am not on Friday's 'cast, I should point out that Alamogordo has Las Cruces Mayfield at home in the Tigers' newly refurbished stadium.  Both teams are undefeated and we know we will be watching that one closely.  I will be on Monday night with the score and highlights.

Speaking of Alamogordo and points West, those out of our radio range can listen via a couple of live stream sources.  On your computer, live stream via Tunein radio works great.  For some reason, the Tunein App on your smartphone is not compatible with something in WTAD's transmission.  Why it works on the site and not on the App is for the techies to figure out.  If you miss a show and are in breathless anticipation of when the next "Uncle Mikey" sighting might be, you can listen to the podcasts on WTAD's webpage and these work just fine.  My friends in Alamogordo who can't get the live stream don't have any trouble with the Podcast.  Of course, you don't have to be from Alamogordo to listen to the podcasts.  It is also allowed for those of you here in River City.

Last night we had a baseball and sports gambling expert on for an extensive comparison of KC and the Cardinals.  Several people have commented that there was no direct discussion of Lorenzo Cain. That was a hosting error on my part.  The expert started on the outfield and we hit a hard break.  I failed to bring him back to Cain after we returned from the break.

That is all.  Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Have a great sports weekend.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015


It's amusing.  I see old friends and they say "You still workin'?"  or sometimes straight out, "You retired?"  About five years ago, the City made it worse by announcing I had retired as City Attorney (even though I asked them not to) and that confused people to think I no longer practiced.  Naw, I just stopped working for the Government,

Anyhow, the truth is I work about 60 hours fifty weeks a year in my practice and I teach a varying load at the University.

So the last thing I need is another part time job, right?  But an old friend pitched me on one I could not refuse:

Listen to the promo below.  

Click Here

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


There once was a frog who lived near a creek, dividing two beautiful and bountiful fields. 

The Frog, of course, could cross the creek at will and enjoy either of the beautiful fields.  His neighbor, the scorpion, lived in only one of the fields and longed to experience the other, lovely field.

One day the frog was preparing to cross the creek, as he did frequently, when he was approached by the scorpion.  The scorpion, appearing peaceful and earnest requested "Mr. Frog may I  please ride across the creek on your back since you seem to be crossing anyhow?  You will find I do not weigh much and will not add any burden to you."

The frog quickly replied "No, for, if I let you onto my back, you will surely sting me and I will die."

The scorpion affably replied, "Well that would be a foolish thing for me to do. If I were on your back and I stung you and I would also die in the creek.   We would both perish because I cannot swim and I would surely drown.  Thus, if you were giving me a ride, I would have every reason not to sting you."

The frog thought about that for a minute, contemplating the foolishness of mutually assured destruction, and said "I see your point, Mr. Scorpion.  I am getting ready to cross now, I will stand still on the bank and you may climb on to cross."

The scorpion hopped onto the back of the frog and was peaceful there as the frog began stroking and paddling across the creek.

About halfway across the creek the body of the scorpion suddenly stiffened and its stinger protruded.  In a single, continuous motion the scorpion thrust its deadly stinger down and drove it deeply into the soft back of the frog. 

Shocked, the frog asked "why in the world would you do that now we're both going to die in the middle of this Creek!"

The frog replied quietly as he contemplated his own death "I cannot help it.  It is simply my nature."

Wednesday, May 06, 2015


It was right at 40 years ago when I met Fred.

 I was going to visit a friend in Fred's subdivision after she suffered a death and her family. Fred was in his yard. I will not accuse him of doing any actual yard work. He was just in his yard.

I told him who I was looking for and he told me rather-of-factly I was at the wrong house, pleasantly rerouting me. We introduced one another and I guess I must've given him a business card because later that year he invited me to come and speak to service club.

We had frequent contact in the 10 years after that. Over the years, I did some legal work for his family (it is fair to say that his sons were "adventurous" and often "spirited").  Do I have that about right, Brian?  The last few years, I didn't see him as much but our encounters were always a true pleasure. 

Fred was a beautiful, intelligent, opinionated and comprehensively stubborn person but we agreed on one thing, we liked each other's company.  He was one of about 20 people who had my unlisted phone number while I was State's Attorney. If Fred had something to say, I wanted to hear it.

I know his wonderful spirit lives on in his children and I pray for their comfort on his passing. My life was enriched by that incidental encounter in 1975 and I truly hope I added a little bit to his journey, as well.

There were already not enough Fred Cawthons in the world and now we have one fewer. Godspeed to a good man.

Saturday, March 07, 2015


I've been reading a lot about Joel Osteen being a "con artist."

Now I get that his biblical history is a little weak but "con artist?"

He says stuff that makes people happy or content or....whatever. They send him money.  He buys an eleven million dollar house.

Does he have a good gig?  Yeah, but I fail to see the con.  I see a value for value transaction.

Friday, February 27, 2015


I was truly thrilled to learn that the Exchange Club honored Chief Deputy Rob Power with the Officer of the Year award.   It could not have gone to a more deserving guy.

Wish I could  have been there to see it.  When you retire from 30 years as a prosecutor and police counselor, they stop inviting you to celebrate the people with whom you shared those thirty years-- but that's a side trip for today.

Rob is, and always has been, a solid guy. He's one of those rare, smart guys who doesn't need to be the Smartest Kid in the Room. Stealthy smart is bad news for criminals, even the odd smart ones.

 About every six months or so, I will run into him and it's always a true pleasure.  He is always been dedicated to the cause of law enforcement.   He pursues his work with balance and an eye out to doing substantial justice.  I know stories about Rob doing the "right thing" in the field that he doesn't even know I know.  Being "fair-minded" in drug enforcement is not always without risk but Rob will take a risk on the right guy.  He wasn't always quite that blessed with maturity and balance.

To say that Rob was a little spirited in his early years in law enforcement might be a bit of an understatement (I believe the words "Piss" and "Vinegar" were once used in the same sentence to describe his demeanor) but his heart was always pure.   If any officer was on assignment with him, that officer could count on Rob's best effort each and every time.

How the Quincy Police Department let him get away is a long story for another day (or not--actually almost definitely not). The good news is Rob is still fighting crime in the Region,   He enforces the law and keeps the peace, all the time being a credit to his community in so many other ways they cannot be counted.

I miss being around him but am pleased to see that the special things that he does every day have been recognized by the tri-state region.  Not one bit surprised.

Continued success to a really good guy.