Tuesday, July 03, 2012


I've always suspected Joe Walsh, irrespective of his political philosophy, was a jerk.  Loaning money to his campaign while not supporting his kids was kind of my first clue.

But his latest leaves that one in the dust.  He is offended that Tammy Duckworth has the temerity to actually TALK ABOUT (the nerve!) getting her legs blown off in service of her country with the theme "Real heroes don't talk about it..."  Joe, I guess, knows about this stuff because he once read a GI Joe Graphic Novel.

No, asswipe, real heroes get to exercise their freedoms and non-serving deadbeat dads get to talk about whatever their impulses dictate precisely because of the service of people like Tammy Duckworth.

Just so we're clear here, this is no fawning pe'an to Tammy Duckworth.  There's a hundred things over which Walsh and she could join issue and he may even be right about a couple of them.  But he doesn't get to tell a real hero(ine) how heroes act.  Not now, not ever.

Here for vid 

If you watch the vid, there's one other thing that bothers me.  When Walsh did this rant, that's on its face repugnant to any even moderately patriotic person, nobody booed...nobody.  Is that how far we've gone downstream in the Swift Boat?