Tuesday, January 26, 2010


There were serious acts of comity and accessibility being committed in Your County Clerk's office yesterday.  This needs to be looked into.

Had some business over there.  Walked in the main doors and two apparent election judges SMILED, STOOD and asked me if I was there to (gasp!) "early vote."  I told them "No, Thanks" and went to the desk.  A deputy clerk got up quickly and helped me with my business,  asking one pertinent question and then urging me to "have a nice day" (Don't you dare tell me what kind of day to have!).  Then, just to top it all off, I thanked the apparent election judges for inviting me to early vote and they committed two protocol violations.  They both thanked me and smiled.  They clearly had not read the early voting election judges' handbook or the the Adams County Clerk's Urban Legend Rudeness reputation Manual.

I have early voted before and this is simply not the way it's supposed to be done.  It used to be five forms of I.D., Full Body imaging software and a bomb-sniffing dog.  You hadda be a real man to early vote.  Now, those were the good old days.  A little pain brings out the flavor of a constitutional right.  Are we just going to let properly registered voters and taxpayers of our county get services in our Clerk's office without a sincerity test and a little hassle?   A little hazing ritual keeps out the riff-raff.

If this kind stuff keeps up, people will stop cringing before they have to go to the Courthouse for something. Why, they treated me like I was a.....uh...customer.  Oh, wait, that's what I was.



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