Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Well, kiddies, one benefit of having an Iowa station as our local ABC affiliate it that we get to see the Iowa political advertisements.

I see where Mitt is defending marriage. I don't think Mitt likes marriage more than Rudy because Rudy's done it three times as often as Mitt, but I digress...

At first, I was having trouble telling exactly was Mitt was defending marriage FROM. Was it the dreaded Romosexuals? Was it internet porn? I just really couldn't tell.

Now it's clear....He's defending marriage from bassackwards procreation. He says ya gotta get married before ya have children. That's good policy but very bad biology. "Oops" has been happening for a long time. Leaving aside the notion of whether it's ALWAYS a good idea for any two people who happen to make a baby to immediately get married....my real question is this:

"What the Hell does the Presidency of the United States have to do with whether young people decide to marry one another or not?"

NOTE: I did not say the "Government" of the United States. Our welfare and medicare laws can have some impact on that decision. Our child support collection enforcement can have an impact ont he welfare of children. But can you imagine: "ooh, I've got no job, no skills, no diploma, neither of us can balance a checkbook or read a contract but President Mitt says we've gotta get married before this baby comes. Quick, get a note from your mother and let's get married! It's the patriotic thing to do. God Bless America!"

Mitt may be a nice fella but nobody should get elected on this kind of silliness.


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