Saturday, December 08, 2007


Dick Versace had made a reasonable start at his run. Who's next?

Assuming our friend, John Sullivan meant what he said the first time, beats me. I've already heard some noise for a Macomb area democrat.

Don't believe for minute that this district is 55% or 57% Repub. Go ask Doug Stephens how closely it's really divided. He was about three votes per precinct from defeating the Sitting minority leader of the House.

I only know Dick slightly. We spoke at the same benefit dinner many years ago and then worked as auctioneer's helpers at a golf outing for the same charity a few years later. I hope his personal issue is not too challenging and he does well. I do know there were a lot of folks in the 18th excited about him.

Just as it did with Chuck Scholz, life sometimes interferes with politics.


At 5:39 PM, December 10, 2007, Anonymous Rob Mellon said...

I think this is a case of the Democratic Party having a woefully small talent base - so they are forced to find someone that has some name recognition to fill the void. There has to be some substance. Party leaders across the state are more interested in securing their small piece of the pie. The party should be operating from a position of power, but they have squandered their advantages. The Democrats' only saving grace is that the Republicans have not faired well at grooming candidates either. They are both waiting for individuals ready-made to run an election - they are not even remotely interested in developing a slate of candidates. You have to be rich, super connected, or 60 to run for office today. Thomas Jefferson was 33 when as a delegate of Virginia wrote the Declaration of Independence. Thank God – the current political climate was not around in 1776 or we may all be saying “God save the Queen”.


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