Sunday, August 12, 2007


This was my weekend for everybody who had misplaced my cell phone and email to try and find me. It was like a national holiday. Some folks were resourceful enough to send "personals" through the blog.
I think everybody who needed a reply has now gotten one and everybody who wanted his or her comment rejected was kept off the web page.

For future reference:

Personal email =

Office email (and please limit to office business) =

Blog tips and technical discussion about the blog =

Fax is 228-2225 (fax is better than email for emergencies)

email for a cell phone (I prefer texting to talking)

FWIW, I try to check email once a day, when my surface mail comes in @ about 1100. I do not have a buzzer or alarm that goes "ringy-ding-ding" whenever an email comes in.

Hope this is helpful.


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