Monday, May 23, 2016


The tragic Freddie Gray case in Baltimore will go on and on.  It has already surpassed OJ in one area, race-based blather that has nothing to do with the merits of the case.  Somebody explain the standard of proof in criminal cases to these people! I'm all for racial grievances being aired but "red-lined" neighborhoods don't have a Hell of a lot to do with the evidence in any particular case.

Draymond Green didn't do anything that requires suspension.  It's obvious to me he was trying to jump again, while falling backwards.

SCOTUS has developed a strategy for dealing with just 8 members. As a body, they are sending clear signals to the Senate that "You're not gonna like what you see as long as we're set up like this."

Good News for local folks:  The applicants for Judge Vahle's spot are so good, the administration of justice can't lose.  Going to get a decent person and good legal mind, no matter who is selected.  But Judge Vahle's gonna be missed.

Jorge Soler is going to be a fine big league player but he is struggling now.  Next five or six games, makes sense to platoon Baez and LaStella at 3B and let Bryant play LF.

Been reading about how Google is going to swamp Apple in the application of Artificial Intelligence.  The tech writers make a lot of sense with this argument.  Yet Warren Buffett finally bought some Apple Stock.  Doctor, I get these terrible headaches.......


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