Sunday, February 14, 2016


Golf announcers must all have skipped basic physics.  "How much does this putt break, Joe?"  

"Maybe half a ball, right to left."

(Guy in tower) "Depends on the Speed"

Ya Think???

God Rest Justice Scalia.  I will not out them but he had some friends from here in Quincy whose names would surprise you.  He was known to sneak into town on occasion.

Interesting turn of events in the GOP Debate Last night.  Rubio throws out the challenge that Cruz doesn't speak Spanish.  Cruz offers up a few words of Sophomore Spanish.  The best Spanish speaker on the stage smartly and purposely remains silent.  Bush may be wheezing, but he's not stupid.

Illinois has a strong concentration of the most skilled child care/child welfare workers in the Nation.  For years they have been employed by system which defeats their undeniable skill and dedication.  Now, a year into Rauner, more or less, we have not only a screwed up system but a comprehensively underfunded, screwed up system.  Warning:  If you're going to be a child in Illinois, be a rich one with two doting parents.  Otherwise, you're pretty much screwed.

This Sam McGann advertising is interesting.  He is blasted as "Madigan's favorite Senator".  So, If I have this correct, it is OK for him to have lied about being, not only a veteran at all, but a COMBAT VETERAN, but it's disqualifying to be in favor with Mike Madigan (which is probably a crock anyhow).  My brain is clearly out of the mainstream.


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