Thursday, September 17, 2015


Soon, Comments surrounding the radio show will be on the Show's blog but we are having technical difficulty morphing into that.

Couple of things on that score.

We are having trouble with our texting feature.  This is not a WTAD problem.  It's an outside vendor problem.  What is it the cable and satellite companies always say?  "We are working diligently to solve the probem."  All of your Ticket hosts are anxious to get this feature fully functional because we want to talk about what you want to hear about.  Bear with us.

Tonight, Jeff is doing what can only be described as a "Special".  As QU christens the new stadium, Jeff will celebrate the football program and the special weekend that is about to begin.  His guests will knock your socks off.

Since I am not on Friday's 'cast, I should point out that Alamogordo has Las Cruces Mayfield at home in the Tigers' newly refurbished stadium.  Both teams are undefeated and we know we will be watching that one closely.  I will be on Monday night with the score and highlights.

Speaking of Alamogordo and points West, those out of our radio range can listen via a couple of live stream sources.  On your computer, live stream via Tunein radio works great.  For some reason, the Tunein App on your smartphone is not compatible with something in WTAD's transmission.  Why it works on the site and not on the App is for the techies to figure out.  If you miss a show and are in breathless anticipation of when the next "Uncle Mikey" sighting might be, you can listen to the podcasts on WTAD's webpage and these work just fine.  My friends in Alamogordo who can't get the live stream don't have any trouble with the Podcast.  Of course, you don't have to be from Alamogordo to listen to the podcasts.  It is also allowed for those of you here in River City.

Last night we had a baseball and sports gambling expert on for an extensive comparison of KC and the Cardinals.  Several people have commented that there was no direct discussion of Lorenzo Cain. That was a hosting error on my part.  The expert started on the outfield and we hit a hard break.  I failed to bring him back to Cain after we returned from the break.

That is all.  Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Have a great sports weekend.


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