Friday, January 22, 2016


Monday, trial starts in People v. Lovelace.  There will be NO WINNERS.

Good friend of mine, whom I admire very much, had TKR surgery in Chicago today with his sweet wife by his side.  He will rehab like a Banshee and be back on the golf course in no time but prayers for my friend would be appreciated anyhow.

If the Governor of Michigan has one ounce of empathy left for the people in Flint he screwed with his Emergency Bean Counter, he will seek out the "Secret Weapon" to fix bad water: David Kent.

I understand there was a forum for the two Republican Candidates for State's Attorney Last Night.  I cannot understand how they got through that without addressing: the Uniform Adoption of the Designated Hitter; The proper application of the NFL's end zone catch rule and the expansion of the NCAAF playoffs to Eight.

Recently, I read where someone feared that "all the lawyers" would move out of the Historic District if the Jail was placed out on the East Side of Town.  Some folks watch too much television.  There are about 90 lawyers in town.  Maybe 20 do a good bit of criminal work.  Another ten WILL TAKE a criminal case as an accommodation to good civil client but they'd be happy never taking another one.  Of those 20 private practice lawyers who do a good bit of criminal work, all will tell you it is rare that a paying client is in jail for want of bail.  I think it's safe to keep the restaurants downtown for another week, anyway.


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