Wednesday, July 20, 2011


No love and not a lot of respect here for Michelle Bachmann but the Migraine whisper? Puhleeze!

Who among us doesn't have a little health nag that creates the occasional limitation? The basis for this has to be some disgruntled former employee and shame on the opponent, GOP or Dem, who put it out there. So what? Kennedy had the bad back. Johnson had the lower bowel. Eisenhower had a little vertigo in his second term. Bush had pretzels.

There are gazillions of reasons Michelle B. should not be president. Migraines are not among them.


At 12:26 PM, July 28, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"no love and not a lot of respect"

Yeah, an attorney, and worked for the IRS even ... I get the lack of respect.

Five kids herself (think of the resources they'll use, has she never heard of abortion?) ... and giving foster care for 23 others ... just did it for the money I'm sure ... those kids shoulda been turned out on the streets to learn real life.

Anyway .. end of sarcasm. I respect the woman, and she seems to be more one of "us" than "them". Them being those that go to DC and become power players, using position for personal gain, mostly from lobbyists that lobby AGAINST the greater good and freedom. Freedom most feel our government is supposed to defend.

I kinda like Gary Johnson, but seems Rick Perry is in better position. Of course the world will end Aug 2 anyway ... unless the "default" hyperbole is just another manufactured crisis.


At 4:29 PM, July 29, 2011, Blogger UMRBlog said...

Never Mind the fact that the purpose of the Post was to defend her from a low blow attack.

The very fact that she's an accomplished scholar supports my disrespect. She has access to the same economists that McConnell and Boehner hear. She knows the impact of actual default or a Moody's downgrade, yet claims there will be no impact because "There's enough money.."

The Migraine thing is bogus but so are a lot of Michelle's positions.

Perry, by the way, would be interesting. A true economic conservative who really hasn't taken a lot positions on the social red meat. It would be interesting to see if he would just fall in line or differentiate himself from the TP'ers' all-encompassing multiple entrance requirements.


At 5:05 PM, July 29, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"the purpose of the Post was to defend her from a low blow attack.

Well, that reminds me of Gomer Pyle taking advice to compliment his date ... "For a fat girl, you sure don't sweat much". lol You trashed Bachmann before and after your migraine defense.

A balanced budget amendment has widespread appeal, yet our congressmen won't tackle it. These are common sense issues that put a majority of America in the Tea Party. It is the morally bankrupt DC "Cocktail Party" that is desperate to frame Tea partiers as extreme ... as I see it.

Tea partiers are extreme I guess ... but less extreme than what Obama ran on in 2008. He was going to cut Bush's outrageous half trillion deficit. Yet now he is "cutting" one trillion ... but that "cut" is down the road, and out of a ten year, trillion a year INCREASE.

There is no reduction, there is only reduction in the increase. Bush was going over the cliff at 50, Obama goosed it to 100, but now has agreed to go over the cliff at 90 ... that's the "cut".

Default is the wrong word, and I don't claim to know Bachmann's position exactly. But to avoid downgrade would require cutting eight trillion over ten years, not one trillion maybe ten years from now. Over Obama's first two years, Democrats jacked up spending on everything, now they call nine trillion in new debt sacrificial ... they really wanted ten.

But just as S&P and Moody's assured us junk bonds were AAA in the Freddie/Fannie debacle, they are now meeting with Obama apparently, to make more political decisions on ratings.

But I'd probably agree we need one more small debt ceiling raise ... and another batch of Tea partiers next election. QCE is going to Texas, her blog is closing this weekend ... maybe she's going to help Perry.



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