Sunday, March 28, 2010


Volvo being a Chinese Company somehow just doesn't work for me.

Does anybody else think it's ironic that CBS completely wets itself over the success of the University that tobacco built?

I would really appreciate it if the big NCAA tourney games were actually called by somebody who even mildly liked basketball.  I'm sure Jim Nantz is very competent and brushes and flosses regularly but, if it's not golf, he's doing it just to make his child support payments.

When the Cubs got rid of Milton Bradley, Seattle said, "We'll take your sociopath if you'll take your sociopath's salary and our fat, inert, underachieving pitcher."  Cubbies said "OK".  Now they've announced the FIUP will be there fifth starter.  It's like only half the tumor was removed.

Fantastic Kick Off Party for the Ultra Large Fishman last night.  We had food for 33,000 but had to go out for more in hour three.  We knew the parking lots wouldn't be big enough.  The shuttle drivers did a great job handling the overflow.  

Wonderful visits there with so many people I hadn't seen in a while from so many different spheres.  While I'm on the topic of the Kick Off Party, our understated young sheriff of the late 90's has become a skilled public speakerWe are fortunate to have him.

Not so many  years ago, there was a guy in Bloomington building laptops right here in the US of A on a custom basis.  His products were good and his prices reasonable.  If he were in the business now, I think he'd be finding some new customers.  There are some stinky things (the odor of price-fixing is in the air) in the laptop market these days.  I don't know if the thing is all Chinese all the time or if the BBR's are in it too.  Gosh, it seems like just yesterday technology was the last vestige of real competition.

There are some blurts for you to chew on.


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