Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Look, I just don't have much today.  First Corey Haim practically dies in my arms and then Milton Bradley explains what an evil place Chicago is.  I'm having trouble coping but we'll get through it somehow.

First, I think the far left and the far right may agree on something--that the current health care volume that's being pushed in Congress is a crock.  The left says it's no good because it doesn't have a public option to nudge prices down.  The right says the government has no business regulating insurance...or something like that.  The odd thing is they may both be right.  I'm just ticking off a list of hard-working, diligent people that I know, young and old and I can't find anybody who will be helped by the current buffet of requirements.  The folks who don't get health care insurance access at work have other accesses.  Going from plan to plan is no big deal and the preexisting conditions were taken out with HIPAA.  It's difficult for me to find a real problem that is being fixed by this pile.

I'm a big fan of Scott Van Pelt but somebody should tell him that SVP is not a very good email address in Illinois.

I like to play his "banished sayings in Sports" game.  Most of the time my Number One would be "Depends on where they mark it."

Big Ben has moved past "just unlucky".  It shouldn't take a shrewd play-caller to figure out that, when you show up with your "boys" and take out a VIP Room (with no vid) you create a target-rich environment for accusers.  I think it's interesting that Tom Brady Hung with supermodels and was never accused of any sexually violent or assaultive behavior (of course he never hurt himself riding a motorcycle with no helmet, either) but somehow Ben can't avoid an annual accusation.  I don't know if he did anything naughty but he certainly has failed the CYA test.


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