Tuesday, March 09, 2010


First, Bumpy Nixon will never really die...not in Quincy and not in Galesburg.

Second, Hell of a letter to the editor by Charlotte Tournear (Full Disclosure: Dear friend most of our respective lives.).  Why should we send money to a dead-beat who owes us money?  Because it's the State?  What's the State gonna do, chase the County Treaurer's bond?  The way I understand the Calhoun proposal, they are not going to willy-nilly take the money to the gambling boat in Alton.  They're going to hold it as security against the just debt owed Calhoun County by the State.  If a bank did that with a depositor it would simply be good banking practice.

Of course, some people would call it anarchy.  Charlotte did a good job of drawing those lines.  I hope her views were read carefully and seriously.  This is not an easy issue. 


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