Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Inevitably, Chuck Mahon's play-by-play career will soon come to an end.

Our area has seen some awfully good play-by-play guys but Chuck is floating in the deep end of that talent pool.  When I listen to him do a game, I can visualize the action.  I get the idea it goes right from his eyes to his mouth.  Of all the folks who have had that job, he does the very best job of balancing the pressure to be a "homer" with the duty to relate the story.

You'll be missed, Buddy.  Just once, for old times's sake would you try to tell the story about Joey Range and the motel?  Only time I've ever heard you that you just couldn't get the words out with a straight face.


At 8:42 PM, March 04, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We've had some outstanding play-by-play guys in this market over the years, going all the way back to Bill King at WTAD, who went from calling the C.B. Raiders to the Oakland Raiders.

The Tappes, Roberts, Dorsey, Lawrence, Myers, Moyers (before he and Hibbert jumped the shark)...

That being said, the current crop doesn't measure up to the old guard. Probably because the stations don't value it anymore and don't pay what it is worth.

At 6:47 AM, March 05, 2010, Blogger UMRBlog said...

I agree with your view of the heritage of pbp guys. I would argue that Chuck is as good at his style as Moyers was with his.

In fact, I'd say Chuck is almost the perfect mid-point between Roberts' "oral camera" style and Moyers' more editorial style.

It's all a matter of taste, I guess, but Chuck and Schuck give you a good game and appropriate background.



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