Thursday, November 22, 2007


This NFL TV dispute is interesting.

It's a given that nobody loves or trusts the Television Signal Transmission Companies.

OTOH, NFL is probably the best business model of all professional team sports and are certainly the most careful in negotiating contracts. Why, then, did NFL Network, hand it's programing off to the rebroadcasters without a tight agreement as to its placement in tiers of services? Uh, could it be that, after last Thanksgiving's fiasco, they were desperate to get more homes in their Neilson/Arbitron and were in too big a rush to do it carefully? Or could it be that they just didn't care and are now retrofitting the agreement in principle so Goodellites don't look like hypocrites but real fans' guys?

There are no heroes here. The NFL nees to be careful. You lay down with swine and you come out smelling like a..........(Bible School quiz here).


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