Thursday, November 15, 2007


I had always thought the Minnesota Twins kind of a neat ball team. Low Payroll, always some homegrown players, good fans, quirky place to play, Good Kirby, Bad Kirby, The amazing Torii Hunter, the doubly amazing Johan Santana the spunky manager and the tragic Francisco Liriano.

Well, based on how they handled Josh Rabe's roster spot, they're jerks. More, MLB should not permit what they did. They NFL doesn't.

We all know Josh's story. Remarkable Mendon Unity/QU athlete. Developed into a fine Minor Leaguer and got some PT in the bigs the last two years. Truthfully, he was in a tough spot. A 28 year old Right Handed Hitting fourth or fifth Outfielder in the bigs doesn't have a lot of job security. Still, nobody worked harder to prepare for a season than Josh did in '06-07 off season.

In the first week he was called to the big club. He was injured. Throwing shoulder surgery. He was on the disabled list and on the 40 man roster (significant in MLB).

He was released while still rehabbing this Fall. No other employer could injure an employee at work, not pay them for the worker's comp injury and cut them loose without a livelihood. The NFL, no benevolent employer, doesn't allow this. The NBA doesn't allow it. For God's Sake, MLS doesn't allow it.

Sure, Josh became a free agent and can make his own deal ("shoulder surgery" and leverage usually don't do into the same sentence in such negotiations.).

If they guy gets injured on his motorcycle, great, cut him if you want. If he gets hurt playing ball, you own him until he's cleared to play by a neutral physician or until he gets a cashout settlement for the injury.

Baseball, the warm, fuzzy game is more cruel to its injured role players than the Gladiator Game.

I'm sure Bud is going to get right on it.


At 8:19 AM, November 15, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Screw Rabe. He's a prick. There's nothing coming out of his mouth that doesn't scream pure arrogance and ignorance at the same time. Why do you think one of his buddies got his head bashed in up on 96 last year?
They're all the same way.

At 9:51 AM, November 15, 2007, Blogger UMRBlog said...

Rabe is just the current face of it. It happens every year and it's wrong.

It's nice of you to stop by and discuss body parts and mob actions but it kind of misses the point that is an oppressive employment practice.

Moreover, whatever you think of JR personally, it is not arguable that he put in his most dedicated off season preparing for his shot at the big leagues. He was the last cut out of Spring Training and he got called up before the snow stopped flying. He obviously had 40 man roster value and was cut because of WORK INJURY. You want that kind of treatment on your job?

TYFCB. Maybe next time you can actually comment on the topic.

At 10:50 AM, November 15, 2007, Blogger TOOKIE said...


You should talk to the LOCAL kid that was the TEAM Dr , he could shed some insight into the matter.

A hell of a lot more than meets the eye or the press.

At 10:56 AM, November 15, 2007, Blogger UMRBlog said...

Dr's aren't supposed to be talking about their patients (News to the Bev. Hills plastic surgeon who blapped out everything he knew about Kanye West's mom) anyhow.

Point doesn't change any. Get hurt at work, don't lose your reseverd roster spot until you come back. DL's don't count against the roster so the only motive to cut him was to take away his MLM pay.

Happens to 60 or so players every winter and it's an ugly side of the game.

At 11:00 AM, November 15, 2007, Blogger UMRBlog said...

Note trifecta typo. Word should have been "reserved".


At 12:19 PM, November 15, 2007, Blogger RH said...

Hey Tony,

Did you hear Tookie got a new cell phone?

Is there some sort of trial coming up with him, too?

Always the last to know .... - rh

At 3:16 PM, November 15, 2007, Blogger UMRBlog said...

What kind?

How does he like it?

Is it working out for him?


At 5:29 PM, November 15, 2007, Blogger TOOKIE said...

Not only did I get a BALCK BERRY Curve ( Brought to us by AT&T ) but I also am getting the BOSS a list done .

1: thing that what was once called a "garage" will be demo by Tues

2: New fridge & stove (convection w/ flat electic cook top) all Stainless steel )

#2 is check

3: New counter tops ( Wed will be a check)

4: New carpet front side house 8 days off until check

5: Gutters will be a check by monday

There is an X factor on 100% home restoration where BOSS will let you drag feet on final projects.........

I have hit x factor

And I think I have some sorta case coming up ! I don't pay attention to it because that is the world of my LAW Dog !

Boss's happy value > some bullshit $85 OV

At 5:30 PM, November 15, 2007, Blogger TOOKIE said...

No HEPA rules when you do not do the medical proceedure .....

Just an employee of the Club House until under direct care !


At 5:40 PM, November 15, 2007, Blogger TOOKIE said...

LOS ANGELES - Lindsay Lohan was a jailbird for just 84 minutes Thursday, becoming the latest celebrity to serve less than a day for a drunken driving offense

I would love to see her try a DWI , reckless driving , and COKE in Adams county .........

84 mins hahahahaha

Only in LA

I could serve longer on playing Public Enemy too loud on my stock stereo

At 6:10 AM, November 16, 2007, Blogger UMRBlog said...


Still Dr./Patient Privilege, once the patient walks into your office and tells you stuff.

Put a camera into some people's chops and they lose all track of the Rules of Engagement.

HIPAA isn't the point.


At 6:11 AM, November 16, 2007, Blogger UMRBlog said...


Isn't that where all runners advance one base?


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