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(I have moved this post up to today from July 20. Two Reasons: First, the correct and incorrect --me-- analyses deserve to see the light of day; and , second, it is part of a pattern that I write about in the next para.)

It seems every three years or so, I learn something disappointing about a public official for whom I have admiration. I guess I have two choices. I can either start distrusting all public officials or get better at analyzing character. Still, we either believe in redemption or we don't. I do. I hope The Director can take his medicine and still have the remainder of his life be successful, productive and satisfying. I don't back away from the proposition I wrote months ago. I have seen him do much to admire over the years.

Those of you had this right may now pile on.

The former county sheriff of Pike County and the former Director of the Department of Corrections has been charged with accepting kickbacks and some other bad stuff. There are co-defendants and I know them as well.

I hold out every hope and believe that Donnie Snyder is innocent of these charges.

First, I know the other guys involved. I can easily see them doing a lot of bad stuff in Donnie's name without his ever knowing about it. Second, I've never known Donnie to be particularly concerned about accumulating wealth for himself. Third, he just comes from a damn good family and I don't believe this apple fell very far from the tree.

Now, let me be clear, Donnie did a lot of really bad political and labor crap when he was director. I'm still suing the department for things that happened on Donnie's watch. But those weren't crimes. They were just shitty, republican deals (by the way, they have now been replaced with shitty democrat deals.).

Yes, I know about the airplane deal, too. Loose call but motivated by love of family, not greed.

In other words, Donnie did some good things as Director, mixed in with some really shitty things but I'll be surprised if anybody can show he's a crook. The other two guys, well, I'll bet the government won't have any trouble showing they were into something. Of course, then they might flip on Donnie but you still have to follow the money. I am believing and hoping that you can't follow any of it to Donnie's personal wealth.

I've always forgiven Don Snyder the butt republicans he hangs with because he's otherwise such a fine human being. I usually root for justice. I hope rooting for Donnie is the same thing.

Godspeed, my friend. There's one democrat out here pulling for you.


At 10:17 AM, July 20, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are you suing them for?

At 2:58 PM, July 21, 2007, Anonymous Sean Heeger said...

they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

At 10:34 PM, July 21, 2007, Anonymous IDOC said...

In my opinion,
Donnie("the coward") Snyder was then and is now a piece of shit. He is a crook. He will be found guilty because he is guilty. Donnie Snyder never did anything for free, and never did anything for anyone unless it benefitted Donnie Snyder. He hurt a lot of people personally and professionally for his own personal gain, and now he will finally get what he deserves. Anyone who knows anything about the Illinois Department of Corrections knows that Snyder was only Director in title...he never really ran the department. He never had enough smarts to run that agency.
You obviously dont know the real Donnie Snyder.

At 5:16 PM, July 22, 2007, Blogger THE ORACLE said...

I don't know the man. I do know that moderating comments is a pain in the you know what. Deletion is lots quicker and WAY more satisfying. Trust me...

At 8:52 PM, July 22, 2007, Blogger UMRBlog said...


I am sorry for your pain. One possibility for you to consider. We might have known him at different slices of time. You may have seen things I did not and vice versa.

It is certainly not correct to say he's never helped anyone else without expectation of reward. I've personally witnessed several of those.

OTOH, I did concede and will continue to concede that I know nothing of the evidence in the case.

I know a little bit about public corruption prosecution and usually there's either a paper trail or there's not. If there's not and you're the gov't. You allege some conspiracy. This is a straight up kick back case. Guess we'll see if there's a paper trail.

TYFCB and the earnestness of your stated position.

At 2:13 PM, July 27, 2007, Blogger reality said...

I cannot comment on the truth of the charges against Donnie Snyder.
And I also believe that in America, a person is innocent until proven guilty.
However, I can comment on the fact that some people feel more significant by tearing down another person's reputation. My word of warning is "choose your words wisely." Because no one knows what tomorrow might bring.
Perhaps in the future could be you or your family, who is getting their reputation trashed.
There are innocent people involved here; have respect for their feelings and in doing so, no matter what you think of Donnie Snyder, you will show that you are the type of person that does not lower themselve by name calling.
It is called having "class", try it, you might surprise yourself.

At 2:53 PM, July 27, 2007, Blogger UMRBlog said...


There is a practical reason to do this as well. You meet the same people climbing up to the pinnacle as you do falling off and tumbling down.

Especially downstate, same two teams play next week.


At 8:40 AM, December 17, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of old issues from a few months back, on CNN this WE they aired a a documentary on Muslims by Christian Ammanpour (the gal with the annoying accent that seems obsessed with human misery stories), in which she cited a study which fearfully reported that 26 % of young Muslims living in the US think suicide bombing is justified "under some circumstances".

Maybe the R from NY was right! LOL

Oh well, better than arguing which school board member is rogue, evil, or a thief.


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