Sunday, July 22, 2007


Young Mr. Harrington dunked two balls in the water on 18....but he's the Open Champion. It isn't whether one experiences disaster. It's what one decides to do about disaster that dictates outcomes.

Now if cousin Joey could figure it out.


At 4:56 PM, July 23, 2007, Blogger THE ORACLE said...

Umr: I'm sorry I hit the two balls in the lake on #5. You don't have to keep reminding everyone. I still think the City Tournament needs to be moved to Cedar Crest.

At 8:11 PM, July 23, 2007, Blogger rodney hart said...

You know where to hit a Lions fan below the belt, ABC .... Of course being a Lions fan is a hit below the belt all by itself.

But I'm loyal.

At 10:23 AM, July 24, 2007, Blogger UMRBlog said...


5's a funny hole (put aside that it's a stupid hole for a public course) in tournament play. Catch a drive and it's mid-iron in, usually pretty simple but if you get jumpy you get one wet (which makes it easier to get a second one wet). Even if you don't get one wet, there's this ugly hump even with the back left of the green and it just loves to bounce balls out of bounds. Then there are the trees behind the green. They eat balls too long. The front center bunker has more sand in it than the Gobi desert. Back when the city tournament was on Labor Day, we used to find at least one guy's bones in there every October (No wonder he didn't post a score!).

Then there's putting over two humps which may contain Jimmy Hoffa's body. It's always a bad sign when you hit what you think is a good putt and your playing partners say "Bite", "Stay on the Golf Course" and "Stay Dry" respectively.

After I make my 9 on five, I'm gonna make it all up by eagling six, easily reachable in two par five. If you swing just hard enough and turn over just the right amount of gaghook (yes, it's all one word)it's quite easy to have an unplayable lie up against a cedar tree over in left Sherwood forest. This does wonders for one's score and disposition all at once.


At 10:25 AM, July 24, 2007, Blogger UMRBlog said...


I remember when the Lions were great, Bobby Layne, Cloyce Box, Leon Hart, Alex Karras, Joe Schmidt. Oh, wait, those were all before you were born...Never Mind. Maybe they'll draft a couple more wideouts named Williams.



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