Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Don't pretend to understand Missouri politics but I see Bullet Behnen on television (honestly looking slightly less subhuman than Cauthorn the Police Interceptor) every 15 seconds and pounding on 'Good Gummint' candidate Wes Shoemyer. All of a sudden Shoemyer seems to be hitting back and standing up for himself.

While all this fun has been going on, the Farm Bureau has once again shown itself to be a lapdog for the Republican party, endorsing Behnen who only goes to farm to film obligatory gun scenes for his ads.

Let's close our eyes and imagine what happens if the Farm Bureau picks the wrong horse. You think Shoemyer makes nice with them or picks his own spots on farm and rural legislation? I think he's term limited anyway, he can probably do the whole time in office without them, once elected and the juggernaut Farm Bureau is odd man out. It's fun to think about anyway.



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