Monday, October 02, 2006


The Chicago Cubs routinely have pretty good staffing in the minor leagues, particularly in pitching talent. Normally, an abundance in the minors can be translated, by either trade or player development, into Major League talent. For three years, the Cubs have frittered away the minor league talent (usually to the Marlins) without it cashing in as Major league talent. Who's responsibility is that? Oh, yeah, that would be the General Manager. So what do the Cubs do with their management team? Sure, they fire the President (whose job seemed to be sucking up to the commissioner) and they fire the manager (admittedly, not the answer to anybody's prayers but certainly not the problem.), LEAVING THE FREAKING GENERAL MANAGER!

Great Job, everybody gets fired except the guy responsible for the shortage. Now they'll just blame it on day baseball!



At 11:38 AM, October 03, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But will they get Girardi? This Cardinal fan would take Joe G over Tony L. any day.

Anyway, ole Lou Pinnella is avail, can they lock down the bases at Wrigley? I think the Cubs would do better with either Pinell or Giraridi, wish the Cards would give one or the other a look, Tony L. was asleep at the wheel during their recent almost historic collapse.

-Cards fan with NO post-season expectations. (Kinda cool that way though , no pressure since they don't belong there in 1st place!)

At 2:39 PM, October 03, 2006, Blogger UMRBlog said...

Peoria Joe is, at best, third in the chase right now. Hillman, Brenly, maybe Girardi and the rest of the world seems to be the order of preference.

At 8:28 AM, October 04, 2006, Blogger Lootie said...

Mark my Words......


The Trib is going to go PRIVATE ! They will need vast sums of CASH for this . Cuban has vast sums of cash that he is willing to throw at the TRIB .

By New Years the Cubs will be owned by Mark Cuban .

Wall Street J and other money matter rags have laid it out in not so clear terms .

At 10:01 AM, October 04, 2006, Blogger UMRBlog said...

MC has said he would pay $25M over market for them but Tribco suits have to figure out how to sell the Cubs and retain the broadcast rights. I did notice they took the LA paper off the market and it's bleeding green.


At 3:31 PM, October 10, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peoria Joe had an interview Monday, we'll see!


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