Thursday, April 11, 2013


In about 1979 or 1980, the estimable E. James Douglas conveyed upon me the great privilege of coaching his boy, Scott and Jay.  Make no mistake about it, if EJ didn't want it to happen, no one besides him was going to coach his kids.

Most importantly, we had a ball together.  Many times, we would go from our own game to the Collegiate league games.  It was a pleasure to be around Scott and Jay (and sometimes fun sister Megan).

Understand at that time Scott was a highly refined young athlete, combining ability, technique and an acute understanding of team strategies.  Most folks focused on his fine performances, which were many.

I wrote hin a note after our time together.  Among other things I told him that his athletic ability would provide him a lot of fun and some opportunity but PLAYING sports was not what would define his future.  I told him he was a natural leader and it was that, acting as a leader, which would define whatever contribution he would make in this life.  I had no clue in what he would lead or where, but I KNEW he would be successful leader.  (Hit that one out of the park.)

He had then, and obviously made the most of, an innate gift.  I was privileged to see it early but he shared it with all of us later.

I didn't tell him this: He combines his father's intensity and attention to detail and his outstanding mother's decency and willingness to give the views of others some space.  It's a potent combination and we are all fortunate to have benefited fron it.

Godspeed in your next phase, ScottyD.  It'll be earnest and honest and always be done in the right way for the right reasons.

It was fun to have shared a little bit of the ride.


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