Monday, November 05, 2012


The reaction to several recent stories about heroin in the area and folks dying from heroin use has been most interesting to me.

When I was the chief prosecutor, everybody wanted to assure the community that, whatever other drug traffic we had, we didn't have heroin.  It was like the last threshold.  As long as we didn't have heroin, we weren't like "them".

Hell, kiddies, morphine sulphate has been circumnavigating the world for at least 700 years.  It is simultaneously ignorant and arrogant to suggest that any one community is immune to the traffic.  It has been in the tri-state area my entire adult lifetime.  It'll be here after I'm gone and it will be here no matter what alternative drugs the traffickers offer up to supplement it or in its stead.  The lure of morphine sulfate has triumphed over human frailty for time immemorial and will continue to do so.  Face it.

All of which makes the Pike County Sheriff's statement about the vigilance with which he fighting drug traffic more interesting.  First of all, woofing on your own performance in a death case is a little bit of bad taste.  More than that, however, is the obvious question, if you're doing such a great job against the traffickers, what's this heroin doing in your county?  

Of course, it's an unfair question.  100% detection is not possible and, by and large, heroin movers take precautions that other candymen don't.  Still, when you brag instead of just giving credit to all who worked the case, you're gonna get questions like that.

Stay tuned.  You haven't heard the last of the poppy here. 


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