Monday, January 02, 2012


I notice the ol' blogosphere is thinning out. I understand why.

When one is tasked with other things and the social sites siphon off readers, it is a bit difficult to produce copy day after day. The approach for me has been to wait for something of reasonably large political or policy significance and then to write about it. To some extent that is become an excuse for procrastination.

Since I never started blogging with the expectation that all of my comments would be political or governmental in nature, I expect 2012 will be a little different. I'll write about a bit more baseball. I'll occasionally share some personal experiences and I will write about my great friend, Julio, who has lived a life of remarkable adventure, humor and danger. Since Julio is actually an esteemed professional in his own hometown, a bit of taste and misdirection will often be required.

In any event, I hope to be both entertaining and informative in the upcoming year.


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